Our view on ourselves, our claim for customer service

Moticon develops, manufactures and distributes sensor products for motion analysis in sports and medical applications. Moticon products are characterized by a fully integrated design and easy handling. Beyond the current technological limits and with an everyday practicality, Moticon products open a completely new dimension of applications.

Moticons customers explore or practice movement, contribute to the improvement of processes in sports and rehabilitation or just train themselves - and this is how they better understand movement or experience the joy of movement itself.



Founders and entrepreneurs

Dr.-Ing. Maximilian Müller

The enthusiastic skier and climber Maximilian Müller is the spiritual father of Moticon. The passion for sports and technology brought him as a research assistant to Professor Veit Senner, who has been working since the 90s with biomechanical methods and new approaches to technically support athletes.
The roles of Maximilian Müller at Moticon include product development, technical purchasing and production. In addition, he is responsible for marketing, strategic and operational sales and along with Robert Vilzmann for business development.


Dr.-Ing. Robert Vilzmann

As purposefully he plans and explores his trails for mountain biking, as analytically awesome Robert Vilzmann is working on software solutions for our customers. He earned his spurs at the Chair of Communication Networks with Professor Jörg Eberspächer at the Technical University of Munich, where he received his doctorate summa cum laude and since then he contributes all his outstanding skills to Moticon.
The tasks of Robert Vilzmann at Moticon include the management of the software development as well as the product and user tests. In addition, he is responsible for IP management, accounting, and together with Maximilian Müller for business development.


From scratch to success

Maximilian Müller
Florian Zierer
Robert Vilzmann
Regine Reithinger
Michael Reithinger


The team around Maximilian Müller received the Business Start-Up grant EXIST by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research for the idea of a feedback-based training system for skiing:

Dr.-Ing. Maximilian Müller Already during his studies in the field of Mechanical Engineering, Dr.-Ing. Maximilian Müller dedicated himself to biomechanical measurement methods. His thesis at the Rush Medical Center in Chicago created the base and the hospital is now one of the most important research partners of Moticon in the field of medical rehabilitation. Based on the research activities as a research assistant at the department of sporting goods and materials and at the department of product development at the Technical University of Munich, Maximilian Müller created the foundations for the company Moticon.

Dipl.-Inf. Florian Zierer supports the company with his strong knowledge in computer science. In his thesis he worked on the implementation of an app for real-time workout feedback on the former PDA's, based on C-Sharp Windows CE. Since the foundation in 2009 he is responsible for the full range of development and validation of the embedded electronic systems of Moticon.

Dr.-Ing. Robert Vilzmann - called "The Brain". A doctorate summa cum laude and blessed with brilliant analytical skills is exactly the right person for the implementation of complex topics such as pattern recognition and the implementation of training programs which became a complete "digital instructors" later.

Initiated by the coaching services within the EXIST program, two further important team members joined Moticon: Regine Reithinger and Michael Reithinger. Since then, Regine Reithinger is responsible for all HR matters and assists in legal and business issues. Michael Reithinger supports with his over 20 years of experience as an outstanding software developer at strategic and operational level.


A scientific study on the learning effect of real-time audio feedback with 20 ski beginners, supported by the indoor Alpincenter in Bottrop was initiated and prosecuted. The results were very positive and Moticon GmbH was founded and registered in the trade register of Munich on 9th of July, 2009.

Development of Ski Go – the concept and a prototype for a fully integrated sensor insole: no wires, no switch, no problems. A sensor insole that also offers the possibility to transmit an audio training feedback in real time to a mobile device. (Especially in skiing, coaches and scientists use measuring insoles since the mid-90s to determine the pressure distribution in the training analysis of the alpine peak sport. These systems are quite accurate, but the necessary cabling and thereby resulting error messages and the complicated handling make them little popular especially among athletes.)


• Winner of the ISPO Brandnew Award for the SkiGo system.
• Cooperation with the DSLV (German Ski Instructors Association) – instructor trainings with SkiGo and further joined development of the product.
• Start of the development of OpenGo science to enter the research and science market.
• Relocation next to the German Patent and Trademark Office to charge the sources of inspiration.


• Completion of the base technology of the sensor insole.
• Important customer contacts were established, cooperation’s were initiated and the first orders were placed.


• Launch of OpenGo science including the analysis software Beaker.
• Start of the product development for long-term stress analysis of patients in everyday life (pressure measurement).
• Intensification of customer contacts.
• First patents applied and filed.


• Relocation to a new office building with an in-house production, including the establishment of a production line.
• Intensive sales efforts to enter the national market with OpenGo science.
• Completion of the product for long-term stress analysis of patients in everyday life.
• New patents applied and filed.


• Major production orders for the standard product (sensor insole) were placed.
• A quality management system in the production area as well as a CRM system were introduced.
• Moticon’s sensor insole was certified with FCC to start the distribution on the American market.
• International sales was pushed forward and worldwide distribution networks established.
• Moticon applied and turned out the “Wearable Technologies Innovation World Cup winner 2014”
• The number of employees was doubled; the sales volume even got tripled.
• Further important key accounts trust in Moticon.
• Start of production development and building up a network to enter the physiotherapy and orthopedic market.