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OpenGo physio

Objective Foot Dynamics Analysis





Key features

OpenGo physio synopsis

OpenGo physio is the first system that allows completely mobile gait and motion analysis for use in physiotherapy, athletic training and clinical care:

  • Gait and running characteristics like contact forces, gait lines, mean pressure distribution, symmetry

  • Proprioceptive sensibility in balance training

  • Jumping performance – jump power, muscle endurance and fatigue, takeoff and landing points

  • Leg extension power display and symmetry


What You Need For Top Work Performance

3 component categories

How to find what you need

The OpenGo physio line consists of 3 categories:

1. Sensor insoles to capture foot dynamics.
2. Software to analyze data and generate reports.
3. Accessories to run and maintain the system.

All product components are marked as follows

Basic components •
Add-on components +


Your Advantage In Therapy Documentation And Patient Feedback

The idea behind it

Human motion is complex, but its evaluation should be made easy!

The OpenGo physio reports are a powerful set of automated reporting functions, designed for standardized yet broadly applicable use cases.

One click - lots of insight!

Gait report

Analyzing a patient‘s walk is a primary interest in motion analysis. What does the patient‘s typical step look like?

The gait report provides answers using gait phase specific pressure distributions, gait lines, temporal gait parameters and more.

Balance report

Balance is an essential aspect in physiotherapy. In addition, lack of balance is an epiphenomenon with a vast number of diseases.

The balance report helps you in quantifying, visualizing, documenting and improving balance in all kinds of use cases.

Jump report

The jump report automatically detects double-leg and single-leg jumps, and provides a thorough visual and numerical evaluation.

Key data includes air and ground contact time, jump power and the pressure distribution during different jump phases.


Strength symmetry report

The symmetry between the left and right leg must be taken into account in the every-day work of a physiotherapist.

The strength symmetry report is a useful tool to evaluate and document symmetry, and helps in detecting asymmetric exercise of force.

Sensor Insoles


Operation overview

Operation overview

Operation overview

Operation overview

Operation overview

Operation overview

On sensitive insoles

The completely wireless sensor insole measures the pressure distribution, weight, balance and motion.

It is controlled by a PC and runs in three operation modes. In Live mode, data is streamed in realtime for feedback and live views. In Recording mode, data is stored on the integrated memory for independent mobile use and later download. If the sensor insole is not operating and not moved, it turns to Sleep mode to save energy automatically.

What does the sensor insole measure?

What does the sensor insole measure?

Sensor overview

Each sensor insole contains 13 capacitive pressure sensing pads and an 3D accelerometer for motion detection.

The sensor data is processed in the embedded microsystem. From this raw data, a variety of essential gait and motion parameters are computed.

Key features

The sensor insole is ultra flat, robust and has a perfect ergonomic fit. No external devices are necessary to run the system which results in excellent wearability.

It is available in five double sizes and is shipped with a cleanable and exchangeable top layer.

Beaker Software

Full mobility

Full mobility

Video sync

Video sync

Main features

Main features

Data management software Beaker

Get a grip on your data! The Beaker software provides full control of the sensor insoles, rapid data analysis and standardized out of the box reporting. The user interface is intuitive and fun to work with. The powerful data backend let's you zoom in your data, from an overview to single step visualization.

The integrated, fully automatic video synchronization function makes your life in patient rehab documentation easier than ever before.

Component description

The record screen is your cockpit for recording sensor insole data, video and external data.

The analyze screen holds extensive tools to manage, edit, process and inspect data.

The report screen is for exporting data and offers powerful report functions.








Power supply components and spare parts

Two high performance and rechargeable Li-Ion coin cells PD2032 are needed as power supply for each pair of sensor insoles. The capacity is 75 mAh.

The coin cell wall charger is a versatile 2 slot charging unit for Li-Ion coin cells. Note: For proper charging, the switches on both sides must be set to 3.6 V!

Each sensor insole is shipped with a standard battery lid for the 2032 coin cell size and is also available as spare part.

ANT USB stick and extension cable

The USB ANT stick plugs into Windows PCs and connects the sensor insoles wirelessly to the computer. The wireless connection is used to control the sensor insole as well as for streaming or downloading measurement data.

The USB stand extension cable is very useful for placing the ANT stick to a favorable position.

See Documents for PC system requirements.

Product case

The handy and slim product case protects your OpenGo physio components on the go or when you store them.

We strongly recommend to add the product case to your list in order to avoid damage of valuable OpenGo components.



One year standard support package

When you purchase an OpenGo system, you automatically receive the one-year support contract.

Within this time frame, we support you with the setup of the system and its use, if necessary. Also, all new software updates are included.

It is our aspiration that you can easily operate our products and keep them up to date in order to use them effectively for your specific purposes.