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OpenGo science

Scientific Foot Dynamics Analysis




Key features


OpenGo science synopsis

OpenGo science is the most mobile and flexible way to analyze the plantar pressure distribution, contact forces and dynamics of the human foot.

It is a perfect solution for the use in clinical research as well as for sports science and analysis in daily life.

The unique wireless sensor insoles are very easy to use and open the field for unseen mobility in outdoor use and super time efficient laboratory studies.


what you need for top work performance

3 component categories

How to find what you need

The OpenGo science line consists of 3 categories:
1. Sensor insoles to capture foot dynamics.
2. Software to analyze data and generate reports.
3. Accessories to run and maintain the system.

All product components in our purchase section are marked as follows

Basic components •
Add-on components +

Sensor Insole


On sensitive insoles

The sensor insole is a worldwide unique innovation and the perfect solution for sensing foot dynamics.

It measures the pressure distribution, weight, balance and motion. The completely wireless and integrated package results in an excellent usability.

What does the sensor insole measure?

Sensor overview

Each sensor insole contains 13 capacitive pressure sensing pads and a 3D accelerometer for measuring motion.

The sensor data is processed in the embedded microsystem. From this raw data, a variety of essential gait and motion parameters are computed.

Comfort = Design³

The sensor insole does not only look good. Being ultra flat, robust and lightweight, it also has a perfect ergonomic fit and gives the user a high in-shoe comfort.

Since no external devices are needed to run the system, the general wearability is excellent.

Operation overview

Operation modes and work processes

The OpenGo sensor insole is controlled wirelessly with Moticon software when connected to an ANT enabled PC or smartphone.

The most important use cases are realized by means of the three basic operation modes. In Live mode, data is streamed in realtime to a device for generating feedback or for capturing the data. In Recording mode, data is stored directly on the integrated memory for completely independent use. If the sensor insole is not operating and not moved, it turns to Sleep mode to automatically save energy.

More information about the usage can be found in Support.

Sizes and top layers

The sensor insoles are available in 5 different double shoe sizes from EU 36/37 to EU 44/45. You can choose between two different top layers, an easy to clean artificial leather (Ellecalf) and an anti slip Ripstop material.

The top layers can be exchanged.

Sensor specifications

Precision and durability are key characteristics of all built-in sensing elements.

The pressure sensing pads are produced in-house and subject to strict quality tests and individual calibration. Detailed information on validation studies can be found in Whitepapers.

Sensor insole capabilities

We try to make our products match your needs and requirements.

That is why each pair of sensor insoles can be configured for your type of application.

Have a look at our technical documentation in Documents.

PC Software

Caleidoscope for your data

Main Beaker components

Main Beaker components

Data management software Beaker

Get a grip on your data! The Beaker software provides full control of the sensor insoles, rapid data analysis, and extensive import and export functions.

No matter if you want to dwell on data or prefer a one-click report - Beaker makes your daily work efficient.

The user interface is intuitive and fun to work with. The powerful data backend let's you zoom in your data, from a multi-week overview to single step visualization.

Component description

The record screen is your cockpit for recording sensor insole data, video and external data.

The analyze screen holds extensive tools to manage, edit, process and inspect data.

The report screen is for exporting data and offers powerful report functions.







Data handling and export

Data handling and export

Data analysis functions

Data analysis functions

Data manipulation functions

Data manipulation functions

Basic functions

Beaker features basics like sub-folders and cut/crop, productivity functions like average/maximum pressure distribution, and enhanced features like a measurement compare view with synchronous replay.

And, of course, open data export to text files.

TTL trigger for external data synchronization

TTL trigger for external data synchronisation

External data capturing via UDP protocol

External data capturing via UDP protocol

Video synchronization

Video synchronisation

Synchronization options

The synchronization of video and external sensor data is essential for motion analysis.

Beaker provides all this, with interfaces designed to be as flexible as possible to make your life easy.

Available interfaces: Live-UDP, TTL trigger, on-screen video sync.

Beaker, Beaker Pro and Beaker Pro+ features

Beaker, Beaker Pro and Beaker Pro+ features

Beaker license overview

The Beaker functions are bundled to Standard, Pro and Pro+ licenses.

Please note the feature lists on the left to identify your preferred license type.

The Pro license requires Standard, the Pro+ license requires Pro (additive licenses).

Bunsen app

Your mobile controller

Main Bunsen components

Beaker, Beaker Pro and Beaker Pro+ features

Mobile measurement control app Bunsen

The Bunsen smartphone software stands for ultimate mobility, just the way the OpenGo science sensor insoles do.

Bunsen is the mobile variant of Beaker, providing control over the sensor insoles for starting and stopping data recording. Supporting the all-wireless approach, Bunsen is a great supplement for outdoor motion analysis.

Available for selected smartphones.

Power Supply



Rechargeable coin cell batteries

Moticon recommends the use of high performance rechargeable coin cells. The voltage drop over time is less significant than in primary batteries and hence operation is much more stable.

Note that for the 2048 form factor, a specific battery lid is needed!
Type: Li-Ion Capacity: 75 mAh (PD2032), 110 mAh (PD2048)

Coin cell wall charger

The coin cell wall charger is a versatile 2 slot charging unit for Li-Ion coin cells of different form factors.

Note that for proper charging of rechargeable Li-Ion coin cells, the side switch must be adjusted to 3.6 V!

Type: wall
Source: 240 V ~
Connector: CEE-7/4-Schuko-System


Battery lids

Each sensor insole is shipped with a standard battery lid for the 2032 coin cell form factor which is also available as a spare part.

If you choose to use the PD2048 coin cells, the appropriate 2048 battery lid is necessary, one for each sensor insole.

Note that the battery lids are shipped per piece! You need two battery lids for a pair of sensor insoles.




ANT USB stick and extension cable

The USB ANT stick plugs into Windows PCs and connects the sensor insoles wirelessly to the computer. The wireless connection is used to control the sensor insole as well as for streaming or downloading measurement data.

The USB stand extension cable is very useful for placing the ANT stick to a favorable position.

See Documents for PC system requirements.


USB download cable

The USB download cable is needed for downloading recorded measurement data from the memory of USB Download enabled sensor insoles which accelerates the download speed by a factor of 20.

This helps to increase work efficiency when longterm data is generated on the sensor insoles‘ memory.

The cable plugs into the battery compartment of the sensor insoles and connects to the battery lid via two data pins located in the cable plugs.

Top Layer



Top layer replacements

The top layer of an OpenGo sensor insole protects the technology parts from sweat and mechanical wearout.

It can be exchanged easily with top layer replacements since the protection seam against delamination that is placed near to the edges of the sensor insole is no through-stitch seam.

Currently, two top layer materials are available: an easy to clean artificial leather and a Ripstop material.




Product case

The handy and slim product case protects your OpenGo science components on the go or when you store them.

We strongly recommend to add the product case to your list in order to avoid damage of valuable OpenGo components.

Sensor insole bag

The sensor insole bag is an alternative if you use your own storage boxes or bags.

It is made of breathable textile layer material which makes it also the ideal storage for sensor insoles after intensive use.

Standard Support


One year standard support package

When you purchase an OpenGo system, you automatically receive the one-year support contract.

Within this time frame, we support you with the setup of the system and its use, if necessary. Also, all new software updates are included.

It is our aspiration that you can easily operate our products and keep yourself up to date in order to use them effectively for your specific purposes.