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Moticon's CEO Dr. Maximilian Müller had the unique chance to contribute to a workshop of AO Foundation about smart implants in Budapest on June 29th.

Prof. Dr. Tim Pohlemann, chairman of the AO Technical Commission and visionary in the field of smart implants, had invited to this session which was joined by an international audience of almost 50 leading surgeons.

The participants took part in interactive live demonstrations of a groundbreaking product development that was conducted during an almost 3 years period of intense cooperation between Moticon and the AO and that was launched to the market just 2 months before.

The OpenGo therapist allows clinicians to monitor partial weightbearing, activity and gait characteristics for up to 4 weeks non-stop in daily life. The solution had already led to a major innovation award in Wearable Technologies earlier this year.

Starting out with solutions for performance sports in 2010, Moticon is now up to enter the medical market and will continue in developing its strong network of international partners for its medical solutions.